Would you like to earn money recommending any of my courses at NaareeAcademy.com?

If you have a large network of friends and associates on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc, or have your own blog or email list, you can earn money promoting my courses to them.

I would love to have you join up and recommend my courses to your network.

You will earn 40% of the price of the course and will receive your earnings directly into your Paypal account after 30 days by Teachable – the platform where I host my courses.

Here’s how to go about it:

1. Sign up free

Click the link below and signup free.

👉  NaareeAcademy.com

2. Choose which courses you want to promote

Once you have signed up, check out my courses, email me at priyaflorence (at) Gmail (dot) com and let me know which courses you’d like to promote, so I can activate your affiliate account.

3. Start promoting

Once you’re activated, you’ll be able to access your affiliate link from your dashboard.

Create a shortlink (or email me and I will create one for you) and start promoting it to your network.

If you’d like some copy or ads to help you promote it, just email me and I will be happy to send it to you.

Affiliate marketing is not a job. All you have to do is recommend the courses to your friends and send them the link. If they buy via your link, you earn money.

Please note: The affiliate commission you earn is only generated on payments made via Teachable so be sure to share that affiliate link or a shortlink whenever you promote the courses.

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4. Get Paid

Open a Paypal account with the same email address you used for your NaareeAcademy account and put that in your Teachable account where payment information is required.

Connect your Paypal account to your debit card and bank account.

When you receive an email notification that Paypal has sent you money, login and withdraw it to your bank account.

To be safe, NEVER click on the link in an email as it could be a phishing link. Always go directly to https://www.paypal.com and log in there. 

I told you I’d teach you how to make money from home, didn’t I? 😉